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Two hearts forever

Two hearts become one.

Each of the hearts represents an individual. The hearts join in an infinity loop. Two hearts become one. The symbol represents teamwork and friendship. The symbol also represents the circle of life, where the human begins life helpless, dependent on the goodwill and help of fellow humans. Those suffering dementia circle back to a state of helplessness and dependancy of others in the latter stages of life, thus completing the circle. 

It is good to give and share. What you give of your heart, comes back to you.

The Icelandic Alzheimer association needed a brand/logo for their project, Heilavinir (Friends of Alzheimer).

The project encourages individuals and businesses to become friends and supporters of the association and thereby spread the message of what it means to have Alzheimer and Dementia and how important it is to support those who are living and fighting with these challenges.

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