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Vordur Insurance Company

The task was to completely empty out a single family home, to find out how much stuff they really had.


We removed every single item out of their house, then laid everything out in a an airport hangar to illustrate how many things a regular family owns. 

The young family of four was entirely surprised to see how many things they really had that needed to be considered when insuring their belongings.


Do you really know how much you own?

Do Not Open Near A Jet Engine

In 2011 the whole world took notice when Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted with catastrophic effect on air traffic and a nightmare for air traffic controllers around the world.
At the 2012 ATC Global in Amsterdam, a conference of air traffic controllers, ISAVIA decided to give out 2000 sample glasses with volcanic ash from the eruption. The humor was not lost on the guests and the samples became treasured memento.

Produced by On The Rocks Productions - Direction and Photography by Torfi

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