We are a team of creative and solution driven professionals.

Our different backgrounds and experience with international clients gives us a unique perspective and a fresh approach to your needs.


Collectively we have decades of experience within the fields of advertising, marketing, communication and visual content creation.


Your Branding and Design are not just a pretty logo and graphics. They need to have a personality, perspective and a purpose. Storytelling is a key component in conveying what your business is all about. We do our homework by getting to know you, your market and your needs. This is the key to successful branding, design and marketing.

With our unique talent combinations, we are truly a one stop shop.

We will take care of your needs. 

No task is too big for us to tackle or too small to pique our interest.


Brand identity is one of the most integral parts of any company’s overall success. It is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers, but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer, that makes you the better choice.

We will help you with your brand identity, your tone off voice, your story and help you create all the necessary materials.


Ideas are easy to get, but the good ones are harder to come by.  We really love brainstorming and coming up with some good stuff.


There are few things as annoying as bad advertising. Advertising should be appealing and original. Putting your Identity and services out there is important. Conveying the right message in your advertising to engage your audience and potential customers is even more important. We want to create advertising that captures attention, evokes a positive feeling with people, makes the connection between the product and the consumer and gets the message across clearly….with a smile in the mind!

Graphic design and Illustrations

The main purpose of Graphic design is primarily visual communication. It uses typography, images, colours and layout to represent certain ideas and messages. Unique illustrations and icons that are made to fit in your brand identity will also help make your brand look stronger, less homogeneous and more particular. We will make you visually stunning.

Photography and visual content

Your business and your product need a strong visual representation. Photography, video, animations and illustrations that support your brand identity can make all the difference. We can make you stand out from the rest.

Digital , SEO and Social media

It´s a big playground out there - with online advertising, social media, influencers, targeted marketing etc. A strong presence in the digital world be very important. Placements, optimisation, targeting and content are key elements. We can create your digital content and implement ideas and campaigns for the media that suits you and with our net marketing partners, place your content in front of your audience where and when it counts.

Website and App development

Everyone needs a website, it is your front office on the world wide web. It is often the first point of contact. A website that helps your visitors easily navigate, find and understand what you offer, can be your most important asset.

Business Design

To boost innovation and growth you need to understand what your customer really needs. Business Design applies a human-centred mindset to your business strategy. We can help you find the right product-market-fit.

Creative Copywriting.

Copywriting can be challenging, and it is important to get it right. Consumers are accustomed to well written content, and it is crucial for your brand identity to consistently articulate what your business stands for. We have excellent Danish, English and Icelandic copywriters, who can help your messages come alive.

Publication Consultation.

We will find your target audience, make plans for advertising and publication based on your needs and product. We handle communication with the media and monitoring publication budgets. It is all about reaching the correct audience.